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Community Welcome Letter

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Dear Board Members,

On behalf of Qualified Property Management, allow us to thank you for including our company in your bidding process. We are a company that believes in our industry, which we show by the commitment of our staff to provide dedicated service to our clients.

Qualified Property Management, Inc. has been serving Pasco County for over thirteen years, and quite a few of the associations we serve have been part of our customer base for many of those years. We keep our clients year after year because the job we do for our communities is dependable and thorough.

Our staff of Managers and their support personnel is made up of dedicated and talented people who have the knowledge and use of the state of the art, computerized community management system. This, along with an independent CPA, gives us the opportunity to provide you with accurate and timely financial information for important decision making and up-to-date presentations at meetings.

Collection of maintenance fees is the most important area for every Association. We take pride in that our system not only provides day to day funds transactions, but allows us to generate delinquency letters, documented follow up and e-mail to your attorney to keep the process on task should that be necessary. Our software program does not stop with just accounting. We are able to generate violation letters, work orders, complaints and any information necessary to keep the Association records current and the Board informed.

We stress communication and team work with the board which provides the basis for a very pleasant and long term working relationship. QPM’s staff members enjoy their work and look forward to working with you.

Mary White
Chief Executive Officer


As one of the larger and more experienced professional management companies in the area, Qualified Property Management, Inc. (QPM) has the ability to provide services to its clients not attainable by a small company or by an individual manager. Qualified can provide buying power, negotiating power, higher levels of workers compensation insurance, all which are passed on to our clients.

We function under a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that provides continuity in operations, single source of accountability, in addition to multiple levels of expertise in condominium, homeowner and co-op association management. All of this provides our clients with stability.


Qualified Property Management has a team that puts the “compliance with the terms of your official documents” as the first priority. We accomplish this by giving attention to the needs of the unit owner as well as the Board of Directors. As you are aware, community association management is a highly regulated business governed by the State of Florida. This makes the expectations of your Association standardized and consistent. We have a unique ability of customizing our services to each individual property. We have over thirty-five (35) years combined experience in this field. We strive to excel in service, operations and perfection in Community Management. In other words,

No business can be successful without effective communication. The direct contact we offer cannot be found with any other management company. Communication within Associations and Management is especially important when there are major issues within your community. QPM has been in business for over fifteen years. The property management division consists of a number of CAM licensed individuals coming from a variety of management backgrounds. This brings excellent insight to the operation of your association. In order for our management team to function smoothly, we take pride in working closely with your Board of Directors.


We stress that a Board of Directors Meeting needs to be held monthly for Condominiums and at least quarterly for Homeowner’s Associations. We want to attend your meeting, so we know what is going on; be there to guide you; and know what action the Manager needs to take or follow up on.

The personnel in our office have talent and capabilities to give you top notch service in the following fields:

Managers: All Managers are duly licensed by the State of Florida and have met all education requirements as set forth to maintain their CAM license. QPM is supporting their Managers to work towards achieving higher designations of education in their field. Our goal is to become an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC), through Community Association Institute, which recognizes and requires excellence in all areas of management.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative Assistants work along with the manager. This Assistant is the greatest supporter he/she has and in some cases the Assistant is a duly licensed manager, without being assigned to his/her own portfolio. We encourage Directors to work with the Assistant in the absence of the Manager, as the Assistant is in the office to expedite issues in addition to keeping the Manager informed.


Management will assist you with Unit Owner communications, which consist of Unit Owner letters, Association Newsletters, as well as Notices.


In order to have a community that is enjoyed by all unit owners, the Rules and Regulations and By-Laws need to be followed. There are times when a unit owner does not commit to this lifestyle. Usually the reason is because of the lack of knowledge and/or understanding of what your documents state.

We understand that bringing a neighbor into compliance is a problem for most Board of Directors, and rightfully so, as they have to live with the owners. With professional management, the Board will not have to deal directly with these problems. When adverse situations arise, they will be settled according to the stipulations of your documents remembering also the needs of each individual by the action taken by the Manager. The Manager will work with either a Board Member or an ARC Committee, in addition to a Fining Committee on these matters.
QPM has a software program that generates violation letters, logs the information to the unit file, and reminds the Manager for follow up. This program generates a monthly report for the Manager to include in his/her Manager Report at your Board Meeting. This report can be
generated at any given time for a Board or Committee Member.


No business, that is what your Board of Directors is running, can be successful without effective communication.
The direct contact we offer cannot be found with any other management company.
 We assist the President with preparation of the agenda.
 We post the agenda’s to ensure compliance with the Florida Statutes.
 We have provisions to have someone take and translate Meeting Minutes if necessary.
 We prepare your Annual Meeting Notices and record the proxy votes.
 We are the keepers of the “Official Minute” books.

Minutes: We believe that the Property Manager attends your meetings to assist you in your decision making process, keep you on track and most importantly advise you of your responsibilities in accordance with your documents and the state statutes. Therefore, we suggest
that the Board appoint someone to take and transcribe the minutes for each meeting. However, if this is not possible, QPM will be happy to provide an Administrative Assistant to attend the meeting for this purpose. (Please see Schedule “A” for fees).

Receptionist: Our receptionist is much more than ‘just a receptionist”. This is one of the most important positions among our staff. This is the person who channels your call to the right person or gets you the answer. This is all predicated on the caller taking the time to explain just what it is they need. Our receptionist is the keeper of messages, works with the realtors for applications and is our follow up person to pressure the title companies to provide us with the warranty deed and closing monies collected. In addition, this position starts the important process of the invoicing procedure. This is the person who pretty much knows all that is going on within the office and where everyone is at any given time.

As the registered agent for your association, we will make sure that all sales and/or lease applications are processed properly.
Applications will be available to both owners and realtors. Management will see that the policy set forth by your Board is carried out including:

 Collection of application fee
 Background check, if applicable,
 Work with Welcome Committee
 Obtain Board Approval
 Provide Certificate of Approval to Title Company/Attorney
 Notify title company with an Estoppel prior to closing,
 Follow up to obtain warranty deed or closing papers/payments.
 Make appropriate changes to the Association Roster.
 Provide Parking or Pool Decals when applicable.
Our handling of these tasks is designed to make for a lighter work load for the Board of Directors.

Accounts Payable (A/P) This is the person who works with the Manager, Treasurer and the Bookkeeper assigned to your property to make sure invoices are paid on time and that the information on the invoice is up-to-date. We take pride in our accounts payable, in that many
items have been put on auto-debit to avoid late fees to our clients. We customize the chart of accounts for each property we manage and your invoices are coded to your specific chart. At no time will funds be “co-mingled” as clearly defined by Florida Statute. See the enclosed sample financial for a customized chart of accounts.

The A/P staff member generates the checks, calls the designated Director to advise the checks are available to be signed and process them into the mail to the vendor.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) This is the person who collects the maintenance fees and sends out the delinquency letters. The A/R staff member works with your Association’s chosen attorney to file liens when necessary. Qualified Property Management, Inc. will effectively collect and record all fees due and payable to the association. We follow up on past due accounts, working with the homeowner from time
to time to aid them in getting caught up with their payments. If an account becomes 30 to 60 days past due, with Board approval, we will file a lien against the unit. The lien process would be handled through the association’s attorney. All collection procedures used are in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Bookkeepers: The Bookkeeper generates your monthly financial statement. Each Manager is required to provide the bookkeeper with a list of his/her board meeting dates and it is from this calendar that the bookkeeper generates the financial. We strive to make sure that you obtain your financial a few days before your meeting in case you have questions.

Our goal is for you to have accurate and timely information to allow the board to make prudent decisions at your board meeting. Your assigned Bookkeeper works with the Manager, Treasurer and/or Budget Committee Chairman or the Association’s assigned CPA, for the following:


Monthly Financial Reports: Our financial reports are completely detailed in order for the Board of Directors and unit owners to see where their monthly assessments are being spent. This computerized report includes data on both accounts receivable and payable. It reviews the previous month’s expenditures including a year to date summary. This report shows you exactly where the association stands according to the budget figures for the year. See sample financial statement.

Budgets: The foundation of your financial needs is your current budget. Your assigned Bookkeeper will work with your Manager to review your past budget and research and revise your Reserve accounts towards presenting the first draft of a new budget each fall. This will
bring the accounts up to date and show the real financial picture of your association. This process is mandatory in order to ensure expense control.

Maintenance Staff: Many of the on-site maintenance employees are the chosen employee by the Board. All functions of the personnel are the responsibility of the management company therefore this must include the hiring (with Board approval), training and evaluation of all
employees. We will make sure that the Equal Employment Opportunity requirements, Affirmative Action and Florida Statutes are followed. All costs for on-site employees are passed on to the specific association that the employee is assigned.

SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE: Any maintenance employee assigned to a property that requires the staff to maintain their swimming pool must understand that only a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) is permitted to include this task in their job description. This requirement
is mandated by the State of Florida.

Payroll: All employees who work directly or indirectly for the property will be paid through the QPM payroll procedure. We will assume responsibility for all payroll checks, records, deductions and filing of pertinent information to the State and Federal agencies. All costs
associated with the employee assigned specifically to your association will be passed on to the Association each pay period. Pay periods are twice a month, usually on or about the 15th and 30th of each month, depending on the day of the week these dates fall.

Taxes: All payroll and property tax will be filed and paid to the proper government office throughout the fiscal year and passed on to the association for employee assigned to the property.

Health & Dental Insurance: Options are available for all QPM employees. However, those employees assigned to a specific property are provided a percentage of contribution, as determined by the Board of Directors. The remaining percentage is at the cost of the employee.

Dismissal of a Maintenance Employee: Management reserves the right to dismiss an employee on the spot of any one of the following reasons:

 Stealing Intoxication Drugs Fighting
 Insubordination Failure to comply with procedures
 Or any other valid reason that warrants immediate dismissal
In all other cases, the Manager would discuss a reason to dismiss an employee with the Board before such action is taken.

QPM provides 24 hour emergency repair service.
Management will guarantee a call back within 15 minutes


Manager’s availability: During regular office hours a member of the managerial staff will be on the grounds at least once per month. Manager’s are often attending Board or Committee meetings during the day and are not always available to take your call. We ask that you call for an appointment to see a Manager and the person to make the appointment for you is either the Manager or the Administrative Assistant. After office hours, you have the choice of using voice mail, e-mail and answering service that will take care of any true emergency.
This procedure gives you and management the aids it needs to service your Association needs.

All service requests are to be submitted by the homeowner either in writing or by telephone directly to our office. Requests are entered into a software program that generates a work order. Depending on the request, action will be taken by the Administrative Assistant, or given to the
property manager to determine the course of action necessary. The Manager may come to the Board for authorization if necessary. This system provides a print out for the Manager to pass on to a Board or Committee member or to become part of the Manager’s Monthly written report.

Most Association’s have their specific or favorite contractor. Management will work with the Board to ensure these are the vendors that are to work on your property, providing they have adequate insurances necessary to protect the Association. This includes Worker’s

The needs of the homeowner will be subject to the direction of the governing documents. The most effective method of performing a specific function will be determined and implementation will then be selected by the property manager. The property manager will then decide whether the problem can be handled with personnel already available or if a sub contractor will be necessary. At that time, the matter will be discussed with the Board of Directors. If a subcontractor is needed, management will get specifications, secure bids, select qualified subcontractors and make the final selections with advice and consent of the governing Board. Our office, on behalf of the association, negotiates all contracts and supervises all work performed.

Qualified Property Management, Inc. personnel will assist the association with projects such as:
 Revision of corporate documents through their attorney
 Financial Investments
All consulting services will be analyzed by individuals with expertise in those related fields. Functional implementation when required is achieved through utilization of staff specialists and supplemental consultants, (e.g., horticulturist, engineers, etc.) The primary objective is to secure the maximum return for the dollar spent.

The elements of transition from the developer and/or another management firm can be hectic at times. We have some basics outlined that have proven to be extremely effective and will be happy to review those items with you once there is an Agreement.

This proposal represents Qualified Property Management’s approach to the operation and management of your community. Our many years in business also gives you the sound background necessary to aid the Board of Directors in the operation of your community. We feel
that it is extremely important to consider the needs, desires and lifestyles of the individual homeowner. The primary objective is to make community living as stress free as possible. Please feel free to contact me if further clarification on any item wish, and always keep in mind
that we would like you to contact our office to make an appointment to discuss any questions or problems you may feel we have not covered in this proposal. I look forward to working with you.

Mary White
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 727-869-9700
Fax 727-869-9825
Outside Pasco County
Tel: 1-877-869-9700

In this welcome letter we have given a clear and detailed description on many of the exceptional services provided by Qualified Property Management. We also feel that any prospective client should have the opportunity to contact some of our current associations for references and for a firsthand account of how we handle property management. Qualified Property Management encourages you to contact any or all of these references listed.

1. Magnolia Estates
Location: New Port Richey, Fl. 34655
Units: 190
President: Tom Hodges
(727) 938-2075

2. Stonegate HOA
Location: Land O Lakes, Fl. 34637
Units: 80 (not completed)
President: Tom Liebrick
(813) 241-7401

3. The Greens at Heather
Location: Weeki Wachee, FL. 34618
Pat Tiganellie
(586) 416-1282

4. Timber Oaks Fairway Villas V
Location: New Port Richey, Fl.34655
Units: 38
President: Ray Flach
(727) 862-7311

5. Landmark Oaks
Location: Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Ed Costello
(727) 787-0721

Consulting Services

Qualified Property Management, Inc. personnel will assist the association with projects such as:

  • Revision of corporate documents through their attorney


The elements of transition from the developer and/or another management firm can be hectic at times. We have some basics outlined that have proven to be extremely effective and will be happy to review those items with you once there is an Agreement.

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